single screw extruder

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Production line introduction

1. With potato starch as raw materials. After being extruded and matured, the products with novel shapes of shell, screw, square pipe and round pipe are produced.
2. Using flour as a material, Can be Fried directly without drying, that is, for the current hot - selling pizza roll, feichang, etc.
3. Nutritive artificial rice can be produced from rice, konjac, etc.

1. The main motor, feeding and rotary cutting adopt variable frequency speed control, strong power and operation.
2. The extrusion system is equipped with six sets of temperature control and automatic cooling devices, and the temperature control is accurate and reliable.
3. The screw cylinder is made of alloy steel, and its life is longer.
4. Temperature control heating/cooling two-way control, Temperature control is more accurate.

Model and main technical parameters:

Model capacity Installed capacity actual consumption Speed control mode Dimension
DLG76 60kg/h 15kw 8kw Inverter 1.9*0.7*1.45
DLG100 100kg/h 36kw 28kw Inverter 2.7*0.9*1.9
DLG110 120kg/h 31kw 25kw Inverter 2.2*0.8*1.9
DLG130 400kg/h 78kw 62kw Inverter 2.0*0.8*1.9
DLG150 260kg/h 98kw 75kw Inverter 3.8*1.0*2.5