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Pasta Processing Line

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Detailed introduction
Full automatic single screw pasta macaroni production line adopts semolina flour as the main raw material, it could be used to produce various shapes of macaroni through extrusion, curing and mold forming. Our company adopts continuous vacuum pump with advanced technology and stable performance to produce pasta without bubbles with good taste ,so it becomes the preferred equipment for manufacturers.
Focus on expansion machinery for 30 years

30 years of industry experience and professional team

30 Years Of Industry Experience
The first batch of enterprises engaged in manufacturing and R & D of expansion equipment in China
It has excellent engineering and technical personnel and high-quality installation technicians
Rich experience in R & D and manufacturing of food machinery

Perfect after-sales system has won wide praise from customers

Perfect After-Sales System
With advanced technology, strict management, excellent quality and perfect service,
it has won extensive support and high praise from customers
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Internet Marketing Globalization
By adopting new technologies, processes, materials and equipment,
Strive to improve the technical content of products
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